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      Precision Farming and Tractor-Based Technologies

      Since the early 80s, the classic way of agriculture was subsisted by a new type of farming that was called precision farming. It is distinguished by a complex use of modern technologies i.e. IoT, RTK and GPS signals, robotics etc.

      Perhaps the easiest way to understand precision ag is to think of it as everything that makes the practice of farming more accurate and controlled when it comes to the growing of crops and raising livestock.

      A key component of this farm management approach is the use of information technology and a wide array of items such as GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, GPS-based soil sampling, automated hardware, telematics, and software.

      Auto Steering as a Part of Digital Farming

      If we talk about the implementation of digital farming principles in farming machinery, the first thing that should be mentioned is auto-steering technology that allows setting each tractor on a certain route with the precision of a few inches. What can be used for this?
    1. GPS technologies are the basis of the implementation of precise ag. They allow getting accurate data from satellites, creating maps and tracking routs of every piece of machinery working in the field.
    2. RTK stations are necessary for GPS farm mapping. When the signal from satellite goes to the receiver, it can be distorted by various factors from refraction of atmosphere to extraneous radio signals. RTK receivers help to maintain signal accuracy.
    3. Wireless Internet technologies are also helpful as the data from RTK comes to the tractor receiver via the Internet. Of course, there are also options of transmission by radio waves of 400 or 900 MHz. GPS in farm equipment is used for various goals. Let’s consider them!

      Ways on How to Use GPS for Tractors

      When you work in the field, you need all the work to be done quickly, accurately and without extra losses of fertilizers, seeds, fuel etc. All these problems can be solved with the help of GPS farming technologies.
    4. Mapping is an important part of ag. Due to the climate fluctuations and landscape peculiarities, the landscape of the field can change. And it is essential to get a precise map of the vicinity before you send tractors in the field.
    5. racking routs of each tractor is a need for a farmer to get full info about their productivity and activity day by day.
    6. Providing auto-steering helps to set tractors on the route with accuracy getting even rows.
    7. Seed sowing control provided by GPS in agriculture is also important along with the control of fertilizers’ use.
    8. This is just a peak of an iceberg and you can get even more use from modern precise farming methods for your tractors. Appreciate it right now to get a higher yield the next season.

      Contact us

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      Laan van Kronenburg 14, 1183
      AS Amstelveen, The Netherlands

      Business Centre “Syretska Roscha”, 1-3 Pivnichno-Syretska str, 04136 Kyiv, Ukraine

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      Working Time:

      09:00 am – 06:00 pm

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